Camp Fox 🦊

Here's Camp Fox from Start to Finish...

In May 2018 we started by building a shelter.

We continued by building a fence around the shelter.

After we had a few overnight camps, we decided to rebuild the fence by making it 6ft tall to keep us even more camouflaged in the forest - December 2018

In January 2019 we improved our camp even more by starting to build a roof, which not long after was turned into a shelter.

In February 2019 we built a wall across the 2nd shelter.

In March 2019 we made 2 chairs.

In June 2019 we made a bench and had our first camp with the new shelter and taller fence.

In January 2020 unfortunately the original shelter was broken by deers in the forest, so we replaced it with a fence.

In March 2022 unfortunately the whole camp was wrecked by thunderstorms, so we decided to let it go back to nature.

It’s now time to look for a new spot to build a new camp. Watch this space. ⛺